Bethel Baptist Church was founded in 1958 by a small group of Christ followers who had a passion for the lost, specifically the local children. One day, as one of our founding members was driving behind a school bus. As it stopped across from an agricultural field, she watched a multitude of children get off the bus. As she watched the children, she felt the Spirit of God say to here that the field she saw was the place to build.

Fast forward 60-plus years later and Bethel Church has a 65,000 sq. ft debt free campus located in the heart of Bradenton, FL. Although the surrounding area has changed since 1958, the heart and mission of Bethel has not. Our desire is for our church to a light in the darkness, a haven for the hurting and broken, and a refuge for those in need of a Savior.

As Bethel Church revitalizes, this is still the hope and mission of its people. As a people, we align our hearts to the Gospel and to God’s Word, we proclaim the mission of God, and we strengthen and encourage the people of God. We are a church that believes its best days are yet to come.